St. Stephen Christian Methodist Episcopal Church   Fairfield, California 

Creating a spiritual escape during this season of quarantine

Envisioned and compiled by Pastor Zach Mullens, Rebirth CME Church, St. Louis, MO.

Spiritual Enrichment

The CME Church reminds you that Virtual Sunday School Lessons are being shared during the Corona virus epidemic. The videos are featured on the CME Department of Christian Education & Formation YouTube Channel and includemusic, scripture, lecture, challenge, and application. 

The CME Church website
The CME Church website

Virtual Sunday School Lessons


May 24, 2020

This week's Virtual Church School Lesson, is "Do The Right Thing, Jeremiah 22:1-10, with Guest Instructor, Rev. Lesha Agnew, CME Department of Christian Education and Nurture Assistant. Shea Thompson, C.M.E. Connectional Youth Council Vice President representing the Third Episcopal District, offers this week's prayer.

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